How it works ?


With a single-click installation of the Charitab's extension on your browser (Chrome or Firefox), your home page is changed to Charitab and you start rising money for charities immediately effortlessly.
How is it possible?
It's a simple concept: in addition to the essential tools for your navigation, Charitab displays an advertissement. Incomes from this advertissement are used to make donations for charities according to users's choice each month, it's that simple

Credit system

The credit system used in Charitab is also pretty simple and similar to Lilo's system for example.
Every tab you are openning is giving you a "credit". Those credits are used as votes in a big survey to know how to distribue the money between associations.
On the "donate" page you can choose wich association will receive your credits


We imagine that users generated $ 100 by opening 1000 tabs in total (so 1000 credits generated).
They are 3 associations: A B and C
Users decided to distribute their credits like that:

Then we can determine how much money each association will receive:

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